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Workman Glass Block

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Workman Glass Block custom builds and installs high quality residential & commercial glass block windows . Our silicone glazed window panels are made from real glass blocks and a high-strength, high-modular adhesive designed specifically for structural glazing in glass to glass applications. Our windows represent the ultimate in strength, flexibility, durability, and weather resistance.

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Why Workman Glass Block windows?Our product provides improved energy efficiency, security, privacy, and durability of your basement windows. We install a beautiful window at a beautiful price that is unmatched by our competitors. If you are considering home improvements seriously consider Workman Glass Block windows.Call e-mailus today for a free estimate.




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Workman Glass Block

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Cost:Workman Glass Block basement windows are one of the most affordable home improvements. Because we operate with a low overhead cost and have perfected an efficient method of installation we are able to offer a quality product at a price unbeaten by our competitors.
Energy Efficient:Our windows installed in place of pane glass will reduce the heating and cooling losses of your home. With an R-value of 1.75 a glass block windows resistance to conductive heat transfer is double that of 1/8 inch pane glass windows.
Security:Workman Glass Block windows increase the security of your home by eliminating the normally easy access point of a pane glass basement window. Pane glass windows are fragile and easily broken. Our windows are shatter and fire resistant.
Privacy:Our windows give you more privacy than pane glass while still allowing an equal amount of natural sunlight into your home.
Beauty & Durability:Workman Glass Block windows add a subtle beauty to your home while improving water resistance. Workman Glass Block windows are virtually unbreakable and will last the lifetime of your house.